Applied Anthropology

Healing Evolution Applied Anthropology acknowledges the principle of activist research, the concept that the observer and the observed are mutually influencing each other. The goal of HEAA is to honor each cultural community in their integrity, and their process of integration with the global society. There is a way to self-empower and preserve communities in their ethnic ways of life, as well as enhance their success in adaptation to worldly influences. Just as individuals can stand strong in themselves, develop in ways they choose for their visions and well-being, have healthy, balanced relationships with others, so can small cultural ethnic groups. HEAA has the goal to bring out the expressions and integrity of tribal groups, meanwhile aiding them and assisting them in their own process of development, on their own terms.  The main objectives of Healing Evolution are to support sustainable, community-led development, desired social networking, and aid in human rights work if necessary.

HEAA focuses on tribal societies in the greater contexts of their worldly relations, self-preservation, self-empowerment, design-based progress, and group visionary goals.  Using the design anthropology model of applied anthropology, the history and current situation is assessed, options and multiple disciplinary collaborations are brought together for discussion.  Once the reflective process of cultural complexities and intercultural relations is complete and agreed upon, deliberate prescriptive action is taken on behalf of the ethnic group for preservation, wellbeing, and adaptation to contemporary influences.

In-depth understanding and clarity, cognitive empathy from an internal, socially integrative approach must be achieved in the data collection.  Activist-based, informed, instrumental methods of change for problem-solving and progress are provided as options to secure a positive and desired future.  Co-creative interventions between myself as an anthropological facilitator, and the ethnic or tribal group that has retained my services, are then implemented to ensure the stabilization of community and ethnic values.  This entire process that brings solutions to complex issues takes no more than a week to a month, however consultant services are unending as systems must remain flexible, adaptable, and contemporary with newly arising situations or circumstances. 

Success is measured by the community’s felt quality of life, sustainability of necessary material resources, the functionality of organizational solutions to new culturally required and demanded contexts, as well as the enjoyment of social relations necessary for cultural survival and empowerment.  The happiness, satisfaction, and comfort of small tribal ethnic groups is something I take seriously and will devote my time and energy to ensure.  

All tribal services are free, in return for a relationship of inspirited value, my personal studies among the healers and seers, studies of world issues and resilience, knowledge gained, and stories that individuals desire to share publicly in the magazines Tribes of Thailand and Native Americans Today.  Also all tribes are invited to celebrate occasions of worldwide tribal alliances, and intercultural exchanges with other small ethnic groups in the form of jobs, resources, homestays, fieldwork, and other projects of applied design anthropology.   



The Magazine Medium

Magazines will be used as a means of cultural understanding, attunement, sharing and exchange.

 Tribes of Thailand and Native Americans Today are inspirational and informative fundraising magazines to enlighten people about intimate experiences of the world from the modern-day tribal perspective.  Please contact me if you are or know an individual from a Thai Tribal group or Native American group with something important to express, share, or have a story to tell. Contact if you are or know a Thai Tribal business or Native American business that would like advertisement. All submissions are free, with money towards projects which feedback into the community’s resources for well-being. 

Magazine Article Guidelines for Tribes of Thailand or Native Americans Today

  • Any expression of heart, mind, spirit or life that someone would like to share.
  • A true life story that has psychological and emotion triumph over hardships for inspiration, encouragement, and role modeling.
  • Projects that provide healing, innovation, or problem-solving to situations that afflicts the world, communities or individuals.


Magazine Advertisements

Any Thai Tribal business or Native American owned business online or with a location that would like free advertising.


Thailand’s Healing Evolution, Company Limited and Sole Proprietorship


The purpose of Healing Evolution, company limited is to provide anthropological and social services to ensure the preservation, empowerment and sustainability of Thailand’s small ethnic groups through consultations, networking, magazine productions, and magazine sales. Magazines will promote the voices, stories, and businesses of small ethnic groups by providing a culturally non-disruptive, yet informative, adaptive, and integrative outlet for worldly assimilation. Small ethnic groups include hilltribes, sea gypsies, and refugee communities. Healing Evolution will additionally resource American Indian consultant services to Thailand’s ethnic groups as needed through its partner Healing Evolution foundation in the USA, sell ethnic magazines such as Native Americans Today from the USA in Thailand, and Thai ethnic magazines in the USA. Healing Evolution Co., Ltd., will also provide services of the Thai sole proprietorship Healing Evolution to offer group classes and lectures, compassion projects, individual and family mind, body, and relationship healing services on request.

Work permit

Anthropological and social consultation and networking services for Thailand’s small ethnic groups.  Headquarters are in Ranong, but work locations are non-specific.

Magazine production and magazine sales throughout Thailand.

Services of Healing Evolution’s sole proprietorship include classes, lectures, compassion projects, individual and family mind, body, and relationship healing services.  

Timeline (Thailand)

  1. Consulting Services provided to Thailand’s tribal groups.
  2. Story collection and production of Tribes of Thailand for sale in Thailand and USA.
  3.  Providing services for Tribes in Thailand through systems of equity.