Certification Courses

  • Miracle Touch Bodywork Certification- 64 hours of class, 10 days
  • Choose 10 out of 11 classes
  • 6 hours of bodywork on clients to demonstrate your ability to put techniques together in a session flow of your preferred length of time.
  • Total cost 26,000 baht


Intensive Class & Class Descriptions

Miracle Touch Bodywork Classes

Physical Healing Class I and II (Option to take only level I)

This is a hands on class, working with acu-points, meridians, polarity, Cranio-sacral rhythms, Rosen Method, and a variety of powerful techniques that lay the groundwork for physical healing. You will learn the basic principles of healing methods, and experience the phenomena of hands on healing generating heat, pulse and vibrations within both your hands and the client’s body.

In level I class, you will learn the basics of healing techniques and learn to use them in a session.  In level II class, we will target very common problems and practice treating them.  Common problems include migraines, tinnitus, spinal issues, joint problems, bone spurs, and tendonitis.  


6 hrs/day
1 day/class
2000 baht/class

Chinese and Japanese Table- I and II  (Option to only take level I)

This class you will learn three forms of acupressure:  Jin Shin, Tui Na, and Shiatsu. 

Acupressure is the use of the acupoint system and meridians using physical touch for re-balancing energy and healing the body.  It has many forms including Jin Shin, Tui Na, and Shiatsu.  While acupuncture works with metal element, acupressure has techniques to embody the energy of all 5 elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.

Jin Shin acupressure is with light touch on the points.  It provides supportive energy to the body and the organs, unblocks stuck energy, and works with different types of therapeutic pulses found throughout the body. 

Tui Na uses a large variety of techniques and styles of working with the points and the meridians to rebalance the body and its meridians.  Tui (push) Na (pull), uses many types of touch in specific and general ways, tends to be activating, energizing, uses a base of rocking the body for soothing.    

Shiatsu is rhythmic pressure along the meridians and throughout the body that ideally follows the breath, applying pressure on the out breath.

Level II goes more in depth than Level I.


6 hrs each
1 day each
2000 baht/day

International Oil Massage (Hawaiian, Indonesian, Swedish) I and II

This class combines Hawaiian, Indonesian, and Swedish with a variety of mixed techniques from acupressure. You will learn the techniques together, but be able to identify their differences. We work on general session set ups, important basic principles of combining effleurage and petrissage, and learn a full session front and back in 1 day. We include extensive work areas uncommon to Thailand such as neck, hands, feet, chest, ribs, and belly. Head, back, arms and legs are worked together with a full body flow, and detailed with a mix of deep tissue and broad soothing techniques. 

Level II expands and goes in more depth than level I.

6 hrs/class
1 day each
2000 baht/class

Five Elements, Organ Treatment I and II  (Option to only take level I)

You will learn the Five Element theory in Chinese medicine, the spirits of the organs, how they relate to each other and the body, and how to work with them in bodywork practice.

Day 1 will consist of Fire and Metal Elements, focusing on Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine, Triple warmer, Lung, and Large Intestine. 

Day 2 will consist of Earth, Water, and Wood elements, focusing on spleen, stomach, kidneys, bladder, Liver, and Gall bladder.  Day two I will also teach pulse reading, and rebalancing of the elements through creation and control cycles.  

6 hrs/class 
1 day/class
2000 baht/class

Japanese Floor- Shiatsu and Ashiatsu

While Shiatsu is rhythmic pressure using your hands on a person. Ashiatsu is rhythmic pressure and intensive bodywork using your feet on the client.  Ashiatsu is great for working the muscles in a detoxifying and macrolevel way.  It is excellent for people who lack muscle tone, and hard to work muscles.  In one day we learn front and back techniques for shiatsu/ashiatsu flow with great stretches.

6 hrs
1 day
2000 baht

Energy Healing Class

Learn the energy system of the chakras, feel types of energy, learn energy phenomena, healing techniques, accessing clairvoyant information, muscle testing checks, pendulum checks, and learn how to do a Clairvoyant healing session.

6 hrs/class
1 day each
2000 baht/class

Mindful Evolution Method – 2 Hour Meditation Class

 Meditation Class Description

This class will combine Healing Imagery, Self-Introspection Imagery, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to work on our mind and bodies in various ways.  Healing and Self-Introspection Imagery are based on Barbara Bennon styles of working with the mind and chakra system.  MBSR, are ways we can attune to ourselves and embody the principles of mindfulness and heartfulness for well-being and stress reduction.  NLP is designed to break down undesirable patterns, and re-create new neural pathways for our mind to serve us better in our daily lives.  

Imagination registers as reality to our brain and body.  Working with imagery can have profound effects on our brains, bodies, and lived realities.  Each class will consist of a series of shorter guided meditations along a common theme to serve us in a specific purpose.  For example, we may have a class for seeing/healing the body, working with greater truth, working for havingness and reception, developing our true selves, healing relationships, seeing mindfully, learning to listen to our heart-mind/Intrinsic Cardiac Nervous System, learning to listen to stomach and gut/enteric nervous system, working with protection and strengthening, looking at and bringing sobriety to addictions, removing trauma from our nervous system.  You are welcome to request a class theme as well.

I am a certified instructor of Mindful Schools program, NLP/Life Coach therapist and hypnotherapist, and practitioner of the imagery healing and self-discovery Barbara Brennen style “clairvoyant healing” for over 25 years, as a graduate of Asclepion healing and clairvoyance program in 2001.  I do not have a clairvoyant ability, but am excellent in knowingness of mindful/heartfulness, am highly intuitive, and have very accurate cognitive and affective empathic skills in attuning to other people. 




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300 baht/ class