Mindfulness is fundamental for healthy meditation. A mindful life is a continuous state of mindful meditation. Working with 14 states of attention, we explore any issues, confusion, or discomfort during practice. Practice includes standing, moving, sitting, and laying down. We become attuned to ourselves and the world around us, refining our relationships and our choices with clear vision and knowingness. Classes work with physical, emotional, mental, and communicative mindful techniques.

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Class


Current lectures are on Knowing Mindfulness; The Science of Addiction and Recovery; Secrets of Healing; and The Social Psychology of the Cosmic Drama and Lucifer Effect. If you would like me to speak on certain topics, I can design new lectures on request.

Mindfulness, Personality Disorders and Social Dynamics, Science of Addiction, and Secrets of Healing

Massage and Physical Healing

Miracle Touch Bodywork is based in Chinese medicine, Acupressure, Asian bodywork, international oil massage techniques, and a variety of worldly energetic healing techniques. I can resolve most physical problems, including bones, tendons, physiology, and internal organs, with the exception of open wounds or infections, and results from fifty to a hundred percent in one session.

Mental Healing

As a natural in working with autism and a variety of personality disorders, I began working in mental health at the age of 9. My graduate and post graduate educational background was in anthropology, the study of humans, culture, and focused in healing. I specialize in trauma based personality disorders (borderline personality disorder, CPTSD, developmental trauma, autism, PTSD, addiction, anxiety, and depression), helping people not only in trauma recovery, but to see and manage the difficult terrain of instigators of trauma and drama (narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths) for protection and empowerment. I work with individuals, families, and communities on group dynamics, social psychology, and safeguarding against the influences of dispositional psychology disorders.