A good leader is the same to a community as the good parents are to the child.  They protect, nurture, provide for, stay attentive to, meet needs on all levels, uphold responsibility, provide learning experiences, support social experiences, and ensure growth and education.  Not only do they attend to situations arising, prepare the people for the future and the greater world, but leaders must also do something more.  They must stand against long standing problems, and the consensus thinking that enable those long term problems.  They are skilled in problem solving for the complexity of the community, and tend to anything that needs to be fixed.  It is selfless work that provides for the greater whole, not just a group or a part of society, but attends to the whole. 

Parents and leaders need to work together as a team to provide safety, comfort, opportunity, and joy to the community and individuals.  In teamwork, if one partner is not good, the other partner cannot do as well either.  The chain is as weak as the weakest link.  There is unconditional care, inclusively tending to all of the children or members of the community through a balance of loving support, thoughtful correction, and varying the efforts depending on the individuals needs.  

Leaders Honoring Leaders

We should love our leaders, and be so happy and to have them join us in our lives when they can.  They should be our superstars that never let us down.  I just experienced the worst and best leaders with their communities one after the other.  The fear and terror, anxiety and threat where you are completely restricted, ignored, the object of unpredictable thinking errors and prejudice, no heartful connection or healthy, intelligent dialogue.  They are above and beyond, separate from the people, creating a hierarchy of domination to arrogantly contact their insecurity.  Bad leaders support those worse than them who they can groom for their uses and cannot see bad since they are worse, and diminish those greater, restricting any freedom or rights, denying health and intelligence as it reflects poorly on their consistent inappropriate behaviors.  Yet the bad leader thrives by creating fear through the power of destruction, and enforces domination through manipulating the sick, weak, and evil against all good and innocent.  And yeah, if we didn’t have a large group of the population being sick, weak and evil, the bad leaders would have no ability to be in power.  There is no idea of future, it is survival in the day under the unpredictable conditions.  The good and healthy have to section themselves off and hide away to deflect attention, not wanting the acknowledgment of what can only be a problem for them in recognition.  The overall feeling is of competition, superficial agendas, games that will be lost, ladders that will be stolen, betrayal, lies, deceit, drama, and superficial relationships of opportunity and obligation.

The difference between a good leader and a bad one at quick glance is hard to tell, and with all the dissociative attention, and wishful thinking, people ignore the clear observations that are visibly in plain sight for all to see.  It is the same a as a good and bad woman.  There is an extreme difference that is visible if you are seeking truth and wellbeing for your life with a person who can care and connect, versus a person who manipulates and hides themselves because they have no ability to connect with another.   One is there for you and your life in mutual benefit to our world, and the other is there for themselves using others for their own mental disorder.

The good leader can always be trusted and relied on, an ally that listens and advocates for the people.  They are humble, yet confident in their authentic skills and abilities that afford them their position.  They bring the equity to serve and provide where there is lack.  Although there is still a mindful and heartful hierarchy, it is based in health and provision where everyone lower can grow, learn, develop themselves, blossom, overcome their difficulties or inappropriateness of behaviors, and find new ways to respond and problem solve with resilience.  They create an egalitarian society where everyone is respected equally and held accountable equally, without fear and without bias.  Everyone who wants to be a part of the whole is included and embraced.  The feeling of the community is relaxation, comfort, peace, and joy of togetherness. 

Good leaders are rare.  Most powerful leaders of the past tried to emulate these standards, yet were untrustworthy, exaggerating and enhancing long standing issues, blaming of others rather then holding oneself accountable, and had no sincere connection to the people, creating illusions for their own selfish purposes and pursuits.  We need to seek new leadership in this world, and hold out for those who have the attributes needed for leadership.  We do not need to vote for the small selection offered to us.  We can vote for anyone, and organize to promote the right person with the right qualities who can devote some time to revising the social world.  With a good leader, all things are possible, and growth can begin in many directions.  We need good parents, and beyond that, good leaders.  They change the direction of our future, and bring in resources and opportunities for lasting happiness and success.