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Lectures, Classes, Private Sessions, and Applied Anthropological Social Services

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Professional anthropologist and mind-body healer since 2001. Offering private services for extreme stress conditions.  Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and healing are taught individually and in classes. Lectures subjects cover Knowing Mindfulness; The Science of Addiction and Recovery; Secrets of Healing; and Psychology of the Human Spectrum and Social Dynamics.  Special services are offered to self-empower and self-sustain indigenous and marginalized communities by bringing equity, voices, and opportunities to integrate humanity.  Community resources and projects are offered in USA and Thailand.

Online Services

Mindful Coaching-Learn principles necessary to see truth clearly, to know the difference between yourself and others, and identify the purpose of sensations, perceptions, and experiences of reality.  Highly skilled in mindful observation, thought, communication, and action, techniques of mindfulness improves all areas of mind, life, and relationships.

Life Coaching/Therapy-Access your own information with a variety of tools, reframe your perspectives, and reprogram your mind to achieve greater success. 

Trauma Intervention and Recovery-Remove the neurological experience of trauma from your nervous system.  Stop automatic ruminations within your brain, untangle from abuse, and neutralize the emotional experience of trauma memories.

Oracle Readings-Work with the energies of your body and intelligence through the use of muscles and oracles.  This allows for access to information and perspectives beyond both parties to bring new angles into view that you can contemplate for a larger picture.  I highly recommend the oracle readings, which still include the services of mindful coaching, life coaching, and trauma recovery.

45 minutes: $60/1000 baht

1 hour: $80/1300 baht

75 minutes: $100/1500 baht

Meetings by phone, zoom, skype, whatsapp, line, or facebook.

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