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About Me

My studies in anthropology with a focus in healing began in 1997 at the University of Vermont. My first cultural field study was in Ghana, Africa, 2000, studying among the soothsayers, healers of all kinds, herbalists, priests and priestesses. In these four months, I learned more about the nature of reality, blowing my mind in a way I had not thought imaginable from my limited Western World paradigm. I felt the need to bridge the realities between a culture like Africa and the rest of the world.

My professional healing practice began 2001, after combining my training in African oracle work, Western pagan tarot, studies of clairvoyant energy healing at Asclepion in San Rafel, CA, and shamanic journeying with Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman. Meanwhile I held a job as a behavioral home counselor for a large variety of problems with both male and females under 18 years.

  My plan in anthropology was always to work on group levels to improve the quality of life. Originally my goals were to integrate foreign mindsets, lifeways, and realities, getting the world “to understand”. However, once entering graduate school at the California Institute of Integral Studies, the human era was redefined as a time of human problems, psychological breakdown, social conflict, pollution, the sixth extinction, climate change, and existential crisis. The mindset, heart of humanity, and entire way of life on a global level needs revision. My program was Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness, designed to understand the current human crisis and find a way to shift the mental paradigm of collective consciousness to move out of the oncoming catastrophes. This has been my ultimate goal, the mission of Healing Evolution. Although I encountered many dilemmas in this process and continued information gathering and healing work, now after about 15 years of social psychology/anthropology studies, mindful studies, and trauma interventions, I do see this goal as a foreseeable attainment through lectures, classes, individual healing work, and anthropological social services. It is not so much about getting the world “to understand” but getting the world to become mindful and heal.

Once in graduate school I had an opportunity to get into bodywork with Marion Rosen, her first student Sarah Webb, and learn the Rosen Method. To this day, most of the power of healing comes from the Rosen Method technique, now understanding it as the most mindful-based hands on physical practice. After Grad school, I got certified in a variety of Asian Bodywork styles, Acupressure, and Chinese medicine, beginning a hands on healing practice in 2005.

With my heart always in anthropology and my trainings in field studies, I spent many years of my time off, travelling around the USA and getting involved with American Indian Reservations. I became very close with an American Indian family in New Mexico, and moved to be with the Pueblo cultures starting in 2009. At this time I also joined in with the Native America Church, travelling and meeting more tribes and throughout the USA. Peyote meetings, and sweat lodges became my regular weekend activities, working closely with a Navaho pipe carrier named Blue Horse. I learned about ceremonies and healing work in the American Indian traditions, in addition to getting more education in a variety of massage and healing modalities through another degree in a Western massage school.

I moved to Thailand in 2013. Ironically, Thailand became a hotbed to be immersed in social psychology, dispositional psychology, and world problems. Thailand is a beautiful country with 2/3 of its population being tourists from around the world. The social systems in Thailand do not extend to many Western world travelers, yet they have a large clash of international dynamics, combined with initial problems of their own, a lack of psychological, social, or police services, making for social drama enhanced and easy to escalate. I ended up having a groundbreaking study of personality disorders and Lucifer Effect, added to my original expertise in autism, narcissistic personality disorder, sociopaths and psychopaths, now mastering the two groups of borderline personality disorder and CPTSD as a result of developmental trauma disorder. During this time in Thailand, I became certified in the much needed Mindful-Based Stress Reduction practices, life coaching, and personality disorder diagnosis and treatment for purposes of providing psychotherapy in Thailand. In addition to these refinements of my practice, I chose to add a special focused training of Trauma Informed interventions. My work of healing, empowerment, prevention, and manifestation has come to a new level, working on the nervous system and impulses that disturb the mind, bringing everything into balance and harmony.  I find these skills also immensely useful in working with ethnic groups that have to transform a variety of traumatic headwinds in life that include outside bias, prejudice, and requires learning how to evade and problem-solve massive systematic prejudice that threatens their existence and expression.

In 2018 I moved to a new area of Thailand, an extremely special and unique island, and registered my business through a Thai-USA Amity treaty, allowing me a sole proprietorship for mind/body therapy, classes, and lectures. In 2021, I expanded my practice with a company limited in Thailand and a Foundation in the USA to work with ethnographically marginalized groups such as American Indians, Diverse Ethnic communities of USA, Hilltribes of Thailand, and Sea Gypsies of Thailand.  In an effort to ensure the self-preservation, self-sufficiency and self-empowerment of these communities, both the Foundation in USA and the Company in Thailand are producing magazines offering an outlet for the voices of small ethnic groups, their stories, knowledge, wisdom, as well as promoting their sales of goods and services to the world.  Furthermore, we offer consulting and networking services for the groups in assisting them in their internal social needs and external relations considering the pressures of cultural influences.  As CIIS’s Anthropology and Social Change department stresses, activist research realizes the researcher and research subjects profoundly transform each other.  In applied anthropological services, Healing Evolution ensures the well-being and integrity of each ethnic group by assisting the community in establishing relations on their own terms with other cultural entities where they create the conditions for themselves and find harmonious symbiotic relations with other culture groups.  Just as we can work with individuals to self-empower and protect the development of one’s unique self with relational integrity, we can do the same with ethnic communities.      

I am currently working on a book that restructures the diagnostic manual in psychology: Mindful Evolution-A Diagnostic System and Treatment for Humanity. I offer a practical, useful, and mindful ways to see people accurately, interact appropriately, and heal community dynamics.  I draw on years of work with personal and cultural experiences in a personality disordered world, redirecting the influences for self-empowerment, self-sufficiency, crisis preventions and interventions in stopping trauma and drama.

I work online for mind/life healing, in New Mexico, USA and in Ranong, Thailand. I specialize in Borderline Personality Disorder, Complex Traumatic Stress Disorder, Developmental Trauma Disorder, and the wide variety of chronic, complex, systemic, and existential current stresses in addition to early childhood, and past traumatic stresses.  My approach to Borderline Personality disorder is my own method, based on building and empowering the true self, and stopping cycles of the fake left-brain and right-brain personalities from occurring.  I can be scheduled for in person lectures and classes, as well as hands on therapeutic work based on request.